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168: Jakob Greenfeld — Writing Your Way to Clarity

Jakob tells Arvid about writing, learning entrepreneurship through experiments, and how not to create boring content.

167: Find Business Ideas on Social Media

Arvid talks about using social media intentionally and methodically.

166: Daniel Vassallo — Building a Portfolio of Small Bets

Arvid talks to Daniel about small bets, SaaS pricing, and using Twitter to build wealth.

165: Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Business

Arvid points out reasons not to sell (a sellable) business.

164: Damon Chen — Building a $400k/year SaaS

Damon Chen talks to Arvid about priorities and building a $400k business.

163: When Should You Go from Side-Project to Full-Time?

Arvid talks about why it's so hard to get this pivotal transition right.

162: Michele Hansen — Moving from Side Project to Full Time

Michele Hansen teaches Arvid about finding the right time to become a founder.

161: Calm Business Misconceptions

Arvid (calmly) talks about commonly misunderstood aspects of calmness.

160: Operating a Calm SaaS Business

Arvid talks about staying calm, keeping an eye on things, and building good software.

159: Pricing for Calm SaaS Businesses

Arvid talks about you to find your pricing. You know, the most important part of your business.

158: Product Development for Calm SaaS Businesses

Arvid talks about building SaaS products that don't explode.

157: Solution Exploration for Calm SaaS Businesses

Arvid shows how to come up with solutions and how to validate them.

156: The Toxicity of Growth Hacks

Arvid doesn't like growth hacks, and he'll tell you why — and what to do about them.

155: Problem Discovery for Calm SaaS Businesses

Arvid shares a way to source validated problems from communities.

154: Market Analysis for Calm SaaS Businesses

Arvid shares how he picks a market for a new business.

151: Entrepreneurial Strategies & Anti-Patterns for a Calm SaaS Business

Arvid shows the main strategic choices and what not to do in a calm SaaS business.

150: Business Models for a Calm SaaS Business

Arvid talks about what makes calm SaaS businesses money — and how.

149: Fundamentals of a Calm SaaS Business

Arvid talks about what makes SaaS special and how to run a calm one.

148: Fundamentals of a Calm Business

Arvid explains the basics of a calm company.

147: How NOT to Use Twitter DMs

Arvid talks about what not to do when sending DMs on Twitter.

144: The Risks and Illusions of the "Post-Exit Retirement"

Arvid talks about the post-acquisition void and how to prepare for it.

143: Permission to Follow Up

Arvid talks about earning trust and owning relationships.

142: Consulting in Public

Arvid talks about sharing your expertise with both a client and the public.

141: Founder Stories are Powerful Assets

Arvid talks about how your story can build your wealth.

140: The Forever Transaction

Arvid talks about the mindset needed to run a successful subscription business.

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