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25. Making Tech Choices: Don’t Add Risk to an Already Risky Business

Arvid talks about how you can make sure you pick the right tech for your business.

24. Not in House: On Reinventing the Wheel

Arvid shares an actionable framework for deciding if you should build or buy (and the mistakes he made in the past).

23. Surviving a Recession as a Bootstrapped Business

Arvid shares the actionable steps you can take right now to recession-proof your business.

22. How to Release as a Bootstrapper: Often, Early, and Safely

Arvid explains how to release software effectively and safely.

21. Scaling Your SaaS Without Scaling Your Anxiety

Arvid talks about how he dealt with anxiety when running FeedbackPanda.

20. Too Many Eyes: Why Bootstrapped Companies Stop Being Transparent (Eventually)

Arvid talks about transparency, open data, and why bootstrappers usually stop sharing information about their businesses.

19. Continuous Validation: Staying in Touch with Your Market

Arvid talks about how you can make sure you're still solving the right problem for the right people and if you still enjoy it.

18. The Do's and Don'ts of the Minimum Viable Product

Arvid explains what an MVP is, how to scope and time it, and what should go into a successful product.

17. So You Got an Offer: How to Do Due Diligence on Your Potential Acquirer

Arvid talks about how you can find out if your potential acquirer is a good candidate, and what the red flags are.

16. Churn, Retention, and Revenue: What Makes Customers Stick Around and Why That's Important

Arvid talks about the kinds of churn founders will encounter, and which ones are actually welcome.

15. How to Do Maximum Customer Support with Minimum Effort

Arvid talks about the FeedbackPanda customer service system allowed them to run the business with 0 employees.

14. The Bootstrapper’s Plight: The Social Headaches of Building a Business

Arvid talks about the weird conversations you will have as a founder, and how to deal with them.

13. The Myth of The Finished Product

Arvid talks about why software products are never finished, and which kinds of changes you can expect to make.

12. Real and Imaginary Responsibilities of a Bootstrapped Founder

Arvid explains the kinds of imaginary responsibilities he encountered in his business and how to deal with them.

11. Your Initial Pricing Will Never Be Right, But Try Anyway

Arvid talks about how to price aspirationally, underpricing, overpricing, and how much initial prices really matter.

10. Do You Need a Co-Founder?

Arvid talks about what to look out for when choosing a co-founder and his experience with his co-founders, good and bad.

9. Finding the Most Painful Problem in a Market

Arvid talks about what makes a problem painful, what kinds of pains there are, and what questions you should be asking your prospective customers to find them.

8. Solution Validation Doesn’t Happen In a Vacuum: How to Talk To Your Future Customers

Arvid shows how you can discover the risks your solution poses to the workflow of your prospective customers.

7. Determining the Size of a Market

Arvid talks about how you can find meaningful numbers to help you pick the right market for your bootstrapped SaaS. For B2B, B2BC, and B2C markets, he shows you how you can get the most accurate figures.

6. Finding a Market to Build a SaaS

Arvid talks about the right kinds of markets for bootstrapped businesses, what qualities they should have and how markets can change for better or worse.

5. The Power of the Niche

Arvid talks about niche audiences, what makes them special, and how you can build a business around them.

4. Finding the Critical Problem: How to Work on The Right Things

Arvid talks about how to make sure you're solving the most important problem of your audience. He explains what properties make a problem critical, how it's valued, and how you can find it.

3. Make It Sell Itself: On Referral Systems

Arvid talks about the referral system of FeedbackPanda, how referral systems work, the benefits and risks that you and your customers will be exposed to, as well as how and when to start building a referral system.

2. Problem Validation: Making Sure You’re Talking To The Right People

Arvid explains how to prepare for talking to prospective customers, which kinds of customers to avoid, and how to best learn of their problems without asking leading questions.

1. The FeedbackPanda Story

In the first episode of The Bootstrapped Founder podcast, Arvid talks about starting, running, and selling FeedbackPanda, his crooked career path, and what listeners can expect from future episodes of the podcast.

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