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66: How I Use Twitter

Arvid explains how he uses Twitter to build an audience.

65: On Offering Public APIs for Your SaaS

Arvid talks about the risks and benefits of adding a public API to your SaaS business.

64: Motivation Will Eventually Go Away: Build Accountability Systems Instead

Arvid talks about how he set up an accountability system to combat motivation fatigue.

63: Audience-Building through Podcasting

Arvid talks about how you can leverage being a podcast host or guest to build an audience.

62: Avoiding the Validation Trap

Arvid talks about how we often mistake validation for guaranteed success — and how to fix it.

61: Open-Source and Bootstrapping

Arvid talks about how bootstrappers can monetize open-source products.

60: Tech Stacks and Indie Hacking

Arvid talks about his rules for choosing a tech stack for a business.

59: Rewards and Perils of Being Your Own Customer

Arvid talks about how scratching your own itch can be a blessing and a curse.

58: When Privacy and Customer Value Clash

Arvid talks about his struggle with building a privacy-first product that might need marketing features.

57: How I Approach Pricing for a Brand New SaaS

Arvid explains how he researched and determined a pricing system for permanentlink.

56: Sunk Cost Fallacy Engineering

Arvid talks about the sunk cost fallacy and how he encountered it twice this week.

55: Customer Lock-In and "Insurance Features"

Arvid talks about how he approaches not making customers feel locked into his new SaaS permanent.link and how he built custom domain support.

54: Limiting Beliefs

Arvid talks about his new SaaS project and the struggle of building an MVP.

53: Early Tech Choices and Analysis Paralysis

Arvid talks about an unsettling experience he had with a side project — and how to avoid tech choice brain freeze.

52: "Audience-First" Is Not Just "Building an Audience"

Arvid talks about the difference between building an audience and building FOR an audience.

51: Finding an Audience for Your Side Business

Arvid shares a 5-step framework for finding a viable audience.

50: Priming Your Business for Due Diligence

Arvid talks about setting up your business to be as sellable as possible.

49: Preparing for the Sale From Day One: Getting the Documentation Right

Arvid talks about documentation and it's not boring!

48: At a Crossroads: The Different Kinds of Exits

Arvid talks about why companies get acquired and what to watch out for.

A Unified Voice: Staying Consistent When You Grow

Arvid talks about how to keep your messaging and internal positioning aligned.

How I Self-Published Zero to Sold, a Bestselling Book on Bootstrapping

Arvid talks about his journey writing and publishing a book that, to his surprise, sold 1000 copies within a week.

45: Positioning Is Where It's At

Arvid talks about how to approach positioning, and when to adjust it.

44: You Want a Tribe

Arvid talks about how you can leverage tribes for your business and shares his own experiences with these communities.

43: When You Reach Your Limits: Growing a Company Beyond the Founder(s)

Arvid talks about hiring — and spends a lot of time recounting his mistakes and the catastrophic results of not hiring early enough.

42: The Power of Omission: Killing Features for Fun and Profit

Arvid talks about removing features, the risks & advantages of pruning your product.

41: Made to Stick: Shaping an Extensible Product

Arvid talks about extensions and integrations, how FeedbackPanda benefited from them, and which obstacles they encountered.

40: Standard Operating Procedures: Managing Your Future Self

Arvid talks about how SOPs make your business more sellable, and how they worked at FeedbackPanda.

39: Roadmaps and You: Building a Future Together

Arvid talks about roadmaps, how they can be used to build trust, and where the risks lie.

38: Customer Retention: How to Keep Them Around / The Zero to Sold Launch

Arvid talks about ways to build lasting relationships with your customers and shares the learnings from his book launch.

37: Customer Exploration: Seeing Through Your Customer’s Eyes

Arvid talks about how to talk to customers to continuously validate your business. He also talks about platform and dependency risks.

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