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95: What Watching Gamers Fail for Days Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship

Arvid talks about World of Warcraft and what entrepreneurs can learn from it.

94: How to Kill Your Business

Arvid talks about problem inversion and what you can learn from trying to kill your business.

93: Conversations are at the Core of Engagement

Arvid talks about what to engage with — and what to avoid.

92: The Myth of the Immediate Payoff

Arvid talks about finite and infinite games — and why that matters.

91: Say Thank You

Arvid talks about gratitude and how to make the people you care about feel it.

90: Competition Isn't Always a Business

Arvid talks about competitive alternatives and what they look like.

89: Selfish vs. Selfless: Self-Promotion in Communities

Arvid talks about why not all self-promotion is evil and how to get it right.

88: Properties of an Interesting Problem

Arvid talks about critical problems and how to detect them.

87: The Line Between Stealing and Being Inspired

Arvid talks about how far being inspired by competitors can take your business — and when to stop.

86: Audience-Building and Relatable Content

Arvid talks about how to balance the remarkable and the relatable when it comes to content.

85: Platform Risk and the Three Kinds of Audiences

Arvid launched a book. He also talks about platform risk and how to avoid it.

84: Impostor Syndrome and Building Capital

Arvid talks about why your unique personal story matters when you build an audience.

83: Entrepreneurship, Job Security, and Wealth Creation

Arvid talks about employment, entrepreneurship, and owning the fruits of your labor.

82: Accountability Systems for Founders

Arvid talks about building in public, mentorship, masterminds, and how to stay accountable.

81: All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Navigating Bootstrapping Advice

Arvid shares his frameworks for listening to advice.

80: SaaS, Self-Talk, and Many Small Bets

Arvid talks about how he deals with negative self-talk.

79: Audience Graduation

Arvid talks about what happens when your followers "graduate" from your audience — and how to avoid it.

78: Lifetime Deals and SaaS Businesses

Arvid talks about Lifetime Deals, and how you can run one without breaking your business.

77: The Goals of Audience-Building

Arvid talks about building a personal / professional brand and the the 3 pillars of growth.

Bonus: A Conversation Between Michele Hansen, Colleen Schnettler, and Danielle Simpson, Co-Founder of Feedback Panda

In this bonus episode, Arvid doesn't talk. His partner Danielle does — and she shares a lot of amazing insights.

75: The Shape of a Problem in the Wild

Arvid talks about how to spot problems in a community.

74: On Re-Using Content

Arvid talks about original, accessible, and well-timed content — and how it can be repurposed.

73: Audience Discovery: The Importance of Budget

Arvid talks about the importance of budget and purchasing agency.

72: What founders can learn from Twitch streamers about building in public

Arvid talks about audience-building experts: Twitch streamers.

71: Fear of Disappointing Your Customers

Arvid talks about how to confront panic when things are not working.

70: When Your Business Gets Cloned

Arvid talks about what happens when your business gets cloned while building an public.

69: Jargon and Community

Arvid talks about Opera(!), definitions, why he changed the name of his new book.

68: The Grief and Loss of Selling a Business

Arvid talks about the emotional consequences of selling a business.

67: The Two Goals of Audience-Building

Arvid talks about becoming a domain expert and building products your audience needs.

66: How I Use Twitter

Arvid explains how he uses Twitter to build an audience.

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