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119: The Power of Repetition

Arvid talks about repetition. Then, Arvid talks about repetition.

118: Building in Public: Maintaining a Positive Self-Image

Arvid talks about comparison, imposter syndrome, criticism, and advice.

117: What Founders Can Learn From Web3 Community-Building (And What They Can't)

Arvid talks about the amazing (and weird) properties of web3 communities.

116: Twitter: The Gathering. How and Where to Find the Right Followers

Arvid talks about his Twitter follower research strategy.

115: Make it Easy to Cancel

Arvid talks about the importance of the last interaction with your customer.

114: Building in Public: How to Build a Minipoly

Arvid talks about how and why to build a minipoly for yourself.

113: Building in Public: How Radical Transparency Hurts Founders

Arvid talks about why purism doesn't work.

112: Building in Public: Oversharing

Arvid talks about oversharing — and he's making sure he's not talking about it too much.

111: Passive Income and Entrepreneurship

Arvid talks about how he's moving from active to passive income.

110: Building in Public: What to Share at Which Stage of Your Journey

Arvid talks about the "what" and "when" of Building in Public.

109: Building in Public: Taking Breaks

Arvid talks about refilling the well.

108: Building in Public: Balancing Building and Sharing

Arvid talks about the relationship of building and sharing when building in public.

107: Too Little, Too Much: Advice and How to Take It

Arvid talks about advice and how to take it. It's very meta.

106: Burnout

Arvid talks about his experiences with burnout.

105: What Founders Can Learn From the Facebook Outage

Arvid talks about reframing outages into opportunities.

104: Copycats and Endurance

Arvid talks about how to deal with copycats and our own self-talk.

103: Audience-building is not Community-Building

Arvid talks about honesty and why a community is not an audience.

102: Pivoting in Public: Risks and Opportunities

Arvid talks about what makes a public pivot a good (or a bad) idea.

101: Why Reading Fiction Is Important for Entrepreneurs

Arvid talks about how adding fiction to the mix improved his empathy.

100: Consistency, Accountability, and Perseverance

Arvid talks about what it took to get to 100 episodes.

99: Of Tangibility and Lawnmowers

Arvid talks about tangible results and delayed feedback for SaaS founders.

98: The Creeping Nature of Stress for a SaaS Founder

Arvid talks about his stressful experiences running FeedbackPanda.

97: Why Competition is Good For Business

Arvid talks about the benefits of competition and what you can learn from them.

96: Hyrum's Law

Arvid talks about what happens when people use your product in unexpected ways.

95: What Watching Gamers Fail for Days Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship

Arvid talks about World of Warcraft and what entrepreneurs can learn from it.

94: How to Kill Your Business

Arvid talks about problem inversion and what you can learn from trying to kill your business.

93: Conversations are at the Core of Engagement

Arvid talks about what to engage with — and what to avoid.

92: The Myth of the Immediate Payoff

Arvid talks about finite and infinite games — and why that matters.

91: Say Thank You

Arvid talks about gratitude and how to make the people you care about feel it.

90: Competition Isn't Always a Business

Arvid talks about competitive alternatives and what they look like.

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